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At the beginning

“A place that exudes conviviality, positivity, and well being”

Portrait Jean-Marie Gurné
Jean-Marie Gurné, epicurean founder of La Scène Théleme

Thélème, Bringing Utopia to Life

La Scène Thélème partly owes its name to Rabelais and his famous utopia, Thélème referring directly to the Abbey of Thélème, an imaginary place whose inhabitants got out of bed when they wanted, and drank, ate, worked, and slept when the desire came to them. In homage to its namesake, La Scène Thélème aims to be a refuge for the bon vivant and lovers of pleasure.

As for the Scène (Stage) in the name, it serves as a reference to the dual nature of the venue, which satiates both the stomach and the mind. Jacques Weber, Thibault de Montalembert, Denis Lavant, and many other renowned artists have performed in this intimate theatre attached to the restaurant.

The Path of the Dreaming Gourmet

“La Scène Thélème is the journey of a lifetime. In a world where everything is not always easy, I have always wanted to make my little mark on the world with a place that makes you feel good, friendly, and positive.”

At the end of the 1970s, Jean-Marie Gurné joined Nestlé with a plan in mind: he would spend three years there before returning to his two abiding passions: gastronomy and entertainment. Three years ultimately turned into 37, but still with a dream that remained in the back of his mind, Jean-Marie finally saw it come to fruition in 2016 with the launch of the La Scène Thélème.

It is here that good living and the eternal stage that Jean-Marie is at last able to share with everyone his passion for beautiful things.

An abbey close to the Château de Chambord called Thélème, whose architecture is just as remarkable as the principle that governs it: “Do what you want.”
A blend of traditions and contemporary influences in a warm atmosphere

Our promise

“Commitment, naturalness, seasonality, purity… and an abundance of products”

Rudy Langlais, Head Chef

Our Philosophy

We follow this principled approach as much as possible from crop to table


Drawing inspiration from nature and the rhythm of the four seasons

Exceptional Quality

We offer wonderful products that inspire Chef Yoshi: vegetables, flowers, herbs, fruit, meat, fish, and shellfish in cooperation with small local producers and likeminded lovers of the terroir

A Free Kitchen

We take inspiration from the nature that surrounds us in France as well as from the flavors of the Land of the Rising Sun by blending French and Japanese cuisine

The man of the house

Born in Saumur, in the heart of the Pays de la Loire region, Chef Rudy Langlais studied at the University of Angers. Driven by the desire for excellence, Rudy then joined the brigade of Alain Ducasse (Le Meurice**), where he continued his culinary education and learned the art of fine dining. It was there that he met Chef Yoshitaka Takayanagi, with whom his love for Japanese cuisine flourished. They worked together successively at Agapé* and La Scène Thélème* for 7 years.

In harmony with a unique establishment – a Michelin-starred restaurant accessible in Paris with a theater – Rudy Langlais ensures a spectacle at every service. His cuisine, influenced by the seasons, is both pure and minimalist, paying homage to the local products he cherishes and presents in signature dishes that blend Japanese and French influences.

Chef Rudy Langlais

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