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La Scène Thélème.
A unique and intimate experience

Amicalement la Haine

Amicalement la Haine est le récit d’un quadragénaire homosexuel, victime de deux agressions haineuses dans la même nuit, une nuit de désastre à Copenhague.
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Birthday of Maria Casarès

FINALLY! At last we’ll be able to find you! The 22-23 season will be launched on November 29 with a show by Maison Maria Casarès on the occasion of her centenary.
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Scène Thélème Theatre

Located a stone’s throw from the Place de l’Etoile in Paris, the Théâtre de La Scène Thélème aspires to promote engaging repertoires and aesthetics
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The Art of Being a Gourmet

By interpreting a montage of excerpts from the “Grand Dictionnaire de la Cuisine” by Alexandre Dumas interpolated with texts by Brillat-Savarin and others from the 19th century, Thibault de Montalembert and Hélène Babu will pay homage to the pleasure of words and cuisine.
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Jacques Weber presents Hugo at the Bistro

Victor Hugo’s adventure at the bistro aims to bring the theatre back into direct contact with the spectators, as if they were settling down somewhere where daily exchanges take place: the bistro.